Our video describe a special day, your Wedding day, and try to be as authentic as possible emphasizing every emotional and fascinating moments. Each lover has a unique identity as also our films; that’s why they are tailormade.
The main elements which better represent Creativa Wedding Film are: the special editing characterized by a cinematographic style, the attention paid to every single detail and finally the highly professional approach.

“I love my work because I can tell through pictures another point of view of life. I can see particulars and details that normal people can’t see and I like to share my perspective with viewers of my videos.
In every event I work with a lot of discretion, being able to capture spontaneous moments to create something unique. For this aim, I invest in high quality professional equipment, for a video that’s like a real movie.
When I’m at work I would like to create empathy with the spouses, who I follow personally from begin to the end, for a final result with my impress.
Exciting is not only my work, it’s my passion.”

Fabio Mazzaglia